Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was always an Ashley fan

it felt like everyone liked Mary Kate growing up. but not me. i was an Ashley fan. i'm not quite sure why. i'm actually probably more like MK - louder, lil more outgoing, more tomboyish. i like how i'm acting right now like i actually know the Olsen's. if only.

So I grew up in the early 90s. And being a girl, that almost automatically made me a MK&A fanatic. It was almost a law. I even went to a birthday party in 1st grade that was Mystery themed just like their mystery adventure films. Needless to say, it was Awesome.

Oh, and a cool tidbit. circa 2003 a random website had a giveaway for two outfits from MK&A's movie "When in Rome". Well my cousin Pattie was a die hard fan and obviously entered the contest. Well she won! And she still has the clothes. She said it's almost impossible for anyone to fit their arm through even the pant leg.

{image from Nylon Magazine}

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