Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eyes and Ears part 1

Listening to.... "The Funeral" by Band of Horses. Over and over and over. Also check out what "I am Fuel" had to say about the song and listen to Serena Ryder's cover. Her version is so sweet; it could lull me right to sleep.

Watching... "Strip Mall Trilogy part 2" by Roger Beebe. It's a short clip I watched in my film production class. Watch and you'll see the ABC's modified and a much more interesting look at strip mall store signs. Love Roger Beebe's work. Not to be cliche (but I'm going to), he takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. You da man !!

Well, now I am off to the library to sit for hours upon hours studying for my British Lit before 1750 midterm. YUCK!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

around the apartment

Sometimes I get so use to my surroundings I forget to notice all the lovely things that dwell in my dwelling. These are some of my favorites...

My Winnie the Pooh Umbrella. When I was little it was my favorite. My mom bought this for me when I was in 3rd grade. I've used it ever since.

Dried flowers from the farmers market : )

My roommate Mallory made this frame for me last year. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. She decorated the frame with some of my favorites like... The British Office, Bora Bora, James hotttttie Franco, Steve Miller Band, etc. I put in an old photo and a recent photo of my dad in it. I don't know if you can see it, but it's from my dad's high school days, and he is rockin the paisley shirt and eating an ice cream bar. awwww!

This isn't actually mine. It's Mal's. But I like it and sometimes drink my coffee out of it. Handmade! The colors are so perty. My roommate Lauren bought it for Mal when she was in Perugia, Italy this summer. So cute!

First of all, I love our green wall. I hated it when we first moved in. But it has grown on me. And love love love the chair. My mom bought it at a yard sale for just a few bucks. You go mom!

This is Ophelia. And this picture doesn't do her justice. This too belongs to Mal. I named her after the character from Hamlet. I think I found it fitting for some reason. I'm not really sure what that reason was. But anyway, at every hour she plays a new instrumental song and the middle part opens up and spins and and and it's just awesome! My favorite song she plays is My Heart Will Go On. oh celine.

This is our montage of posters/record albums in the family room. The framed albums were gifts from Mal's older sister Michaela. Sweet gift, right? We got a lil France, Journey, Elton, Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, and the Memorial Union Terrace. I like the blue theme we got going on on this wall.

A mug with my grandma Q's picture on it. This photo was in the newspaper back in the 40s for her engagement announcement! Isn't she darling?

Starry Starry Night, You never get old. And again, the green wall.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming Weekend !!! !!! !!!

James and I on the float. Holy moley I am PALE!

Sometime I pay attention to the game...

But usually I space out and watch the cheerleaders instead. woops

A few highlights from an eventful weekend...

1) Mrs. Madden and Mal's little brother Greg visited and treated us to dinner at the Nitty Gritty. So much fun and laughs were had by all! The only downer was that our waiter decided it would be a good idea to take our nacho platter away before we were even finished with it (who does that?) So obviously I made a mad rush to get one last chip. Unfortunately, in my haste I accidently spilled my chip's toppings (beef, sour cream, and cheese) into Lauren's beer. It was pretty gross. My bad.

2) James and I were on the Best Buddies (organization dedicated to est. a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.) float for the Homecoming Parade. We sipped on hot chocolate and threw Double Bubble to parade attendees. James was a cheering machine. His favorite and only cheer was... "Let's go badgers, let's go!"

3) Filmed my Light Journal project for my Film Production class. Got to use the Bolex camera and it was aweeeesome! Took shots of different lights and shadows around campus, in the capitol building, and in my apartment. I pray to god that it's not super over/underexposed. If the final product turns out alright I may post it at a later date!

4) Andrew's mom made us apple pie! Gahhhh delicious!!!

5) Discovered there is a song called "kathleen" by Josh Ritter. And I kinda like it. Mainly because it has my name in it. Woo Woo!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Matt and Bacon Talk

Matthew and I taking a nap in 1989. The ugly brown carpet, his shirt, and the floral pillow case scream 80s!

Matthew and that other kid (just kidding, love you too Kevin) on Valentine's Day.
Don't I (the one in the middle...yes, that is a girl) look like a baby version of Chris Farley?

My brother Matthew said he has little reason to read my blog if I continue to write about Emerson or other "boring things." Well excuuuuuuse me, you bully. So to trigger your interest, I guess I'll talk about you. Here are a few random things about Matt...

1) When he was little he use to love MC Hammer and recently we came across his notebook from like first grade and it had stick figure drawings labeled "Hammer Time".

2) When I was little I was such a brat (but not really) and I'd wait behind doors and pop out to scare him. I liked seeing my older, "tough", brother scream like a girl.

3) He use to ride a black horse that he named "Silver". It wasn't a real horse, but one of those toy horses on springs. He was pretty bad at sharing Silver with others. Video footage of that, but unfortunately it's on VHS and mother dearest hasn't converted them into DVD's.

4) In 8th grade he broke both his arms from hanging on a basketball hoop and then falling hard to the ground. I guess you're not suppose to try to break your fall and stick out your arms (though I think it's a natural reaction) because you end up with major bone breakage. But I don't really know what the alternative is... I think I'd rather have broken arms then a broken nose and shattered face. But maybe not. Anyway, he had to wear cement casts from his shoulders all the way to his fingertips. He literally could not move his arms. I was a nice sister and use to feed him during this time. He liked me feeding him the most because I was only in 3rd grade and liked playing "mom" and thus was very attentive to his needs and food eating pace (fyi his food eating pace is medium to fast. closer to being fast).

5) Matt asked for a dog every Christmas and never got one. Finally when he was a junior in high school my parents gave in. Matt named the cute (and now extremely handsome) puppy "Lenny" after the character from the Simpson's.

6) He doesn't like Canadian bacon. And he doesn't like it even more when restaurants only serve Canadian bacon. And he doesn't like it even more more when he orders regular bacon and the waitress brings out Canadian bacon, assuming that the two are equals and that Matt wouldn't care what kind he got. He has made a shirt design that expresses his discontent with the Northerner pig (and if whoever is reading this shares Matt's attitude they should order one too)!!! Click here if you want the contact information!

The shirt is actually gray with black writing, but blogger messed the coloring up. Boo!

Speaking of bacon, you've seen this clip right? WHAT?!?!?! You haven't!?!?! Blasphemy. Well consider this your lucky day...

All photos, illustrations and text copyrighted.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Good Ole Days

Well here I sit at 6:05 AM in the Communications building. I have a light journal (a film project) due in two weeks and have to reserve a Bolex Film Camera (they are soooo bad ass!) to check out this Friday-Sunday. The room to check out all the cameras opens at 8 and last week people were here at 6 AM. And supposedly it's a mad rush to get the equipment, and I like NEED to check it out this Friday. And so I said in my head, "Welp, better safe than sorry." So I drudgingly woke up at 5:45. Splashed water on my dry and red face. Brushed my teeth. Made coffee. Changed clothes. And left. And ya know what? I'm scared! The building was open but the lights were off. And since I am in Madison, Wisconsin, and it is basically as cold out as the water was in Titanic (I don't know about you, but whenever I picture something really cold I picture Jack and Rose in that final scene in the Atlantic Ocean), I decided to sit indoors. And then the lights went on. But anyway, no one is here and it's kinda eerie. And so now I guess I'll just wait. And wait. And wait.

Well nevermind that, there are more important things to get to. These are pictures from when my mom was really little. She grew up in the 1950s in Beverly, Chicago. And these pictures crack me up. Especially the ones of my grandma and her sister in their bathing suits. Oh My God I want beachwear like that!!!

Q (my grandma) and Aunt Eileen (her sister) soaking up the rays.
Q, I want those sunglasses. Correction, NEED them!
My mom and her grandparents on Easter. She's probably being a spoiled brat by the looks of it.
Papa Quinn. I am in love with this photo.
Lolla and Papa Quinn. The hat, the tie...priceless.
My aunts and uncles. This looks like it should be a Norman Rockwell painting!
Aww my grandpa looks so charming. And Q, again with the glasses!
Oh my!!! Look at those pale tummys. Gotta love being Irish. Again, my aunts and uncles.
My darling Grandma.
My mom's oldest four siblings. Uncle BIll, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Pat, and Uncle Bob.
Uncle Pat's sidepart is out of CONTROL!!!

(all photos copyrighted)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"A Diamond at the Bottom of the Drain"

I must have a thing for redhead singers. Because Neko Case's and Jenny Lewis's voices are hot, hot, hot! This track, Magpie to the Morning, from Case's album "Middle Cyclone" is so calming. I like to listen to it before I go to sleep & when I'm walking to classes in the rain.

Monday, October 5, 2009


"In the woods, is perpetual youth.
Standing on the bare ground,
head bathed by the blithe air,
and uplifted into infinite space ...
I am nothing."

Found Here

Currently taking a break from reading Emerson. I should have read him 9 days ago for class...but I fell slightly behind. And now I have a midterm on Thursday, so I need to read, read, read. But Ralph (we're on a first name basis) really has a way with his words that just makes me want to be in nature. I just wanna plop down in the woods next to a pond surrounded by orange, red, and yellow leaves. And then some ducks will come my way and I'll feed them bread. And then I'll pull out my thermos (and by "my", I mean my roommate's because I don't own one) and drink hot apple cider.