Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Matt and Bacon Talk

Matthew and I taking a nap in 1989. The ugly brown carpet, his shirt, and the floral pillow case scream 80s!

Matthew and that other kid (just kidding, love you too Kevin) on Valentine's Day.
Don't I (the one in the middle...yes, that is a girl) look like a baby version of Chris Farley?

My brother Matthew said he has little reason to read my blog if I continue to write about Emerson or other "boring things." Well excuuuuuuse me, you bully. So to trigger your interest, I guess I'll talk about you. Here are a few random things about Matt...

1) When he was little he use to love MC Hammer and recently we came across his notebook from like first grade and it had stick figure drawings labeled "Hammer Time".

2) When I was little I was such a brat (but not really) and I'd wait behind doors and pop out to scare him. I liked seeing my older, "tough", brother scream like a girl.

3) He use to ride a black horse that he named "Silver". It wasn't a real horse, but one of those toy horses on springs. He was pretty bad at sharing Silver with others. Video footage of that, but unfortunately it's on VHS and mother dearest hasn't converted them into DVD's.

4) In 8th grade he broke both his arms from hanging on a basketball hoop and then falling hard to the ground. I guess you're not suppose to try to break your fall and stick out your arms (though I think it's a natural reaction) because you end up with major bone breakage. But I don't really know what the alternative is... I think I'd rather have broken arms then a broken nose and shattered face. But maybe not. Anyway, he had to wear cement casts from his shoulders all the way to his fingertips. He literally could not move his arms. I was a nice sister and use to feed him during this time. He liked me feeding him the most because I was only in 3rd grade and liked playing "mom" and thus was very attentive to his needs and food eating pace (fyi his food eating pace is medium to fast. closer to being fast).

5) Matt asked for a dog every Christmas and never got one. Finally when he was a junior in high school my parents gave in. Matt named the cute (and now extremely handsome) puppy "Lenny" after the character from the Simpson's.

6) He doesn't like Canadian bacon. And he doesn't like it even more when restaurants only serve Canadian bacon. And he doesn't like it even more more when he orders regular bacon and the waitress brings out Canadian bacon, assuming that the two are equals and that Matt wouldn't care what kind he got. He has made a shirt design that expresses his discontent with the Northerner pig (and if whoever is reading this shares Matt's attitude they should order one too)!!! Click here if you want the contact information!

The shirt is actually gray with black writing, but blogger messed the coloring up. Boo!

Speaking of bacon, you've seen this clip right? WHAT?!?!?! You haven't!?!?! Blasphemy. Well consider this your lucky day...

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  1. matt sounds like a catch! i love brothers. i love reading about brothers <3

    and damn! that kid was amazing! ahaha... a bit of a fool, but he was pretty cute with his vocab and his hissy fit!

  2. The clip from wife swap gets me every time! He's like a minny old man or something. Sooo adorable!! ♥