Monday, October 12, 2009

The Good Ole Days

Well here I sit at 6:05 AM in the Communications building. I have a light journal (a film project) due in two weeks and have to reserve a Bolex Film Camera (they are soooo bad ass!) to check out this Friday-Sunday. The room to check out all the cameras opens at 8 and last week people were here at 6 AM. And supposedly it's a mad rush to get the equipment, and I like NEED to check it out this Friday. And so I said in my head, "Welp, better safe than sorry." So I drudgingly woke up at 5:45. Splashed water on my dry and red face. Brushed my teeth. Made coffee. Changed clothes. And left. And ya know what? I'm scared! The building was open but the lights were off. And since I am in Madison, Wisconsin, and it is basically as cold out as the water was in Titanic (I don't know about you, but whenever I picture something really cold I picture Jack and Rose in that final scene in the Atlantic Ocean), I decided to sit indoors. And then the lights went on. But anyway, no one is here and it's kinda eerie. And so now I guess I'll just wait. And wait. And wait.

Well nevermind that, there are more important things to get to. These are pictures from when my mom was really little. She grew up in the 1950s in Beverly, Chicago. And these pictures crack me up. Especially the ones of my grandma and her sister in their bathing suits. Oh My God I want beachwear like that!!!

Q (my grandma) and Aunt Eileen (her sister) soaking up the rays.
Q, I want those sunglasses. Correction, NEED them!
My mom and her grandparents on Easter. She's probably being a spoiled brat by the looks of it.
Papa Quinn. I am in love with this photo.
Lolla and Papa Quinn. The hat, the tie...priceless.
My aunts and uncles. This looks like it should be a Norman Rockwell painting!
Aww my grandpa looks so charming. And Q, again with the glasses!
Oh my!!! Look at those pale tummys. Gotta love being Irish. Again, my aunts and uncles.
My darling Grandma.
My mom's oldest four siblings. Uncle BIll, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Pat, and Uncle Bob.
Uncle Pat's sidepart is out of CONTROL!!!

(all photos copyrighted)


  1. Wow how great that you have all those old family photos. Is the garden flooded in the header pic?

  2. adorable old photos!!!! too cute.

    and i'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one who faints! haha i felt so weird because it's never happened to me before!! 10 times is A LOT!


  3. lol those are adorable! i love looking at old pictures ^^

  4. these photos are amazing. i love looking at old photos because they make me want to imagine living in a different era... sometimes i think i was born at the wrong time

    and i love papa quinn. he is really lovely