Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Joy

Fab Moretti and Binki Shapiro of Little Joy back in the day via

Now he's with Kristen Wiig. I approve.

It's amazing how an unexpected text can brighten one's day. A mere sentence can have me smiling all the freaking live long day.

Here are some of my favorite texts that are still in my inbox:

From my brother Kevin:
If you don't download Hall and Oats' "Rich Girl" and blast it while you're in the shower, well, then, your life is missing something.

From my brother Matt:
I turn 10,000 days old tomorrow. You don't have to get me anything.

From my cousin Sean:
Step the eff aside when that bouquet is thrown unless you wanna get hurt.

From my cousin Sean:
Rihanna's "Live Your Life" played at the wedding I was at last night and I almost took my shirt off.

From my friend Rich:
I'm at the scene of the chincident. Happy Wednesday!

From my friend Mallory:
Happy Thanksgiving! May your day bring happiness and no kidney stones.

From my brother Kevin:
Clark Duke is hilarious. And he was raised like a gentleman.

From my brother Kevin:
Veterans of Foreign War? Yeah, that's pretty legit. Keep the tunes flowing.

From my friend Kyle:
Merry belated Christmas. Hope you got all the cast iron skillets you hoped for. And if you didn't, just lemme know because I got 2.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Autumn Island, Brienzersee, Switzerland via

When was the last time you treated yourself to a good ole fashion stretch?

It's been a while for me. Growing up it was a morning ritual. I took three minutes before I got out of bed just to stretch.

I'm going to incorporate it into my semi-adult life. Hopefully it will make my mornings before work a wee bit better.

Thoughts right NOW:
1) Adele is so bad ass. I can't even handle it. I just can't.
2) I've been thinking about cheeseburgers a lot lately. Random.
3) I don't enjoy that feeling I get when I knowingly am procrastinating and still refuse to do anything about it. Kind of like what I'm doing right now.... that paper for my grad class will just have to write itself...
4) Turn on Spice Girls "Wannabe" at a party and just wait for the magic that ensues.
5) I feel like Minnesotans see my Illinois license plate and just automatically assume I'm a bad driver. I mean, they are absolutely correct, but I wish they'd at least let me prove it before they go judging me.
6) Never been good at: wrapping presents or folding clothes.
7) I was having a good day and then I dropped my Blockbuster card in between my driver's seat and the middle part of the car. I knew my hand was too big to get into the small crevice. But that didn't stop me. Then my hand got stuck. Then I said some choice words. Then I started getting really frustrated. Then I was getting frustrated that I was allowing myself to get frustrated. Then I stopped being such a baby and took a breather. Then after contorting my hand in very painful ways, I finally got that darn Blockbuster card.

That is all.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Sunday feels like Saturday

On calm, quiet days like this, what I wish to do with my life seems so crystal clear... make movies. Documentaries, trailers, short films, montages, etc. All of it.

Inspired by this movie:

Jumbled thoughts as I slowly devour (contradiction?) this beautiful Sunday breakfast consisting of toast, 2 poached eggs and coffee. The house is quiet and I have work off tomorrow. MLK, every year, I'm so proud to say we share the same birthday week. It's like we're friend soul mates.

1) Staplers might actually be the death of me.

2) J. Crew makes me mad. Stop being so expensive. My thoughts as I peruse the store... "Oh, what a darling nautical striped shirt. Hmm I wonder how much it -- $125.00???? Forgetaboutit!" Then I leave the store.

3) I want to hang out with Yo-Yo Ma. He's so smiley.

My kitchen on summer mornings, when the outdoor lighting is so inviting.

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