Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally have a sister

Matt said, "Lindsey, let's reenact the proposal." So she put out her hand. Matt goes, "No," and sticks out his pinky finger. That Matt, he's a jokester.
Me with some of my cousins on Easter
Me & Lindsey!
The newly engaged
Flowers from Kelly

My brother Matthew got engaged last Saturday to his girlfriend Lindsey! So thrilled to finally have someone to go shopping with and basically do all the things that make my brothers answer, "Ehhh, I'd rather not."

Welcome to the family, Lindsey! Can't wait to be part of the wedding shenanigans in these upcoming months!

When I told my friend Anne about the engagement, her response was, "Ohhhh how exciting. And that Matt. How perfect for him to propose between Good Friday and Easter. How holy of him!"

Anne, I don't think that's what he was aiming for.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I was never one for bowling...

{Bowling + disco + patriotic flag... well ain't that Amurica?}
{If I could be confident that there wasn't some mold or something growing in bowling shoes, I'd totally consider swiping these. Well, actually not really. I wouldn't steal. But I'd be up for bargaining}
{There's that smile!}
... Bowling usually was an activity I would have to do for a friend's birthday or to receive some type of badge for Brownies (the amateur version of Girl Scouts). I was never good at bowling. I'm still actually really bad. But then I bowled with James and had so much fun. Seeing James smile and fist pump after he got two strikes in a row was awesome (for a lack of better words). Plus, we had the whole alley to ourselves, so every time I guttered the ball I just did a little loser victory dance.

In completely unrelated news. Well, not even news. Just unrelated. I always liked the song "You're still the one" by Shania Twain, but this morning I heard my roommate playing this version in her bedroom and now I'm hooked. Hearing a guy sing this song is just a whole new level of greatness. Oh Lee, you seriously shouldn't have. You got yourself a new fan.

*This version of "Falling Slowly" is pretty tremendous as well. Not as good as the original. But still enjoyable.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

An open window kind of weekend

Yesterday, I cheesily said to my roommate Mallory, "I wish I could bottle this morning." Instead of making fun of me for going all Hallmark on her, she responded, "Me too." It was honestly the most relaxing and laugh-filled weekend I've had in awhile. From playing flip cup and dancing to Backstreet Boys on our porch to going out for breakfast on Sunday morning, everything just felt right. Man oh man, I'm going to miss college.
Hey future life as a teacher, please be nice to me. And be gentle.

1) Ann catching some breeze on a lazy Sunday morning.
2) Making good use of our porch. Spring is in the air and it feels so so so fine.
3) Roomie schoomy - Me, Lauren, Ann, Shauna, Mallory in front of our poster that says France. And not a single one of us can speak French. But I'm down with baguettes.
4) When in doubt, ice cream.
5) Me, Mallory, and Ann before heading out for a night that had so much karaoke potential.
6) Shauna likes to wear cowboy hats. She is looking for a man that likes to wear them too. I for one do not think that's too much to ask for. Form a line, gentlemen!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Awwww shucks

This kid is such a charmer, and his smile is contagious! That is one lucky little lady.
When he says, "Huh?" I nearly peed my pants.
And his jaw literally dropping is some pretty raw human emotion.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ingrid Bergman

Must be tough being that beautiful.
I really wish I was watching Casablanca with my dad right now rather than reading for school.
And I'm sure he'd prefer to be watching Casablanca with me rather than working.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

As of Late

1) I've been taking down about three of these guys a day. Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies compliments of my roommate Mallory. Thanks for nothing, Mal. You know I have no self-control.
2) I've been hearing "Aw who sent you flowers?" from each of my roommates and each and every time I answer with, "I bought them for myself." How sad. Can't a girl by some flowers to spruce up her room? Okay, I guess buying myself red roses is a bit odd, but my choices were slim. At this particular grocery store all they had were roses or lime, orange and purple dyed daises. Super ugo. Daisies are my favorite flowers, but these shades looked straight out of a coloring book gone wrong.
3) I've been sending postcards to people I love. Norman Rockwell is the best. Well, after Van Gogh. I wonder how many people read postcards along the way. I know mailmen must have to sign some sort of privacy contract, but I feel like if I were a mailman I'd take a peek and read all the dirt/mushy mush people are sending to one another. Don't judge. You probably would too!
4). I've been compiling old clothes to donate. Did you hear that, dad? I'm getting rid of stuff. Yipeeee! Not gonna lie, it was difficult to get rid of my favorite brown corduroy pants from my junior year of high school. But, I just had to come to terms with the fact that they probably won't ever fit again.