Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally have a sister

Matt said, "Lindsey, let's reenact the proposal." So she put out her hand. Matt goes, "No," and sticks out his pinky finger. That Matt, he's a jokester.
Me with some of my cousins on Easter
Me & Lindsey!
The newly engaged
Flowers from Kelly

My brother Matthew got engaged last Saturday to his girlfriend Lindsey! So thrilled to finally have someone to go shopping with and basically do all the things that make my brothers answer, "Ehhh, I'd rather not."

Welcome to the family, Lindsey! Can't wait to be part of the wedding shenanigans in these upcoming months!

When I told my friend Anne about the engagement, her response was, "Ohhhh how exciting. And that Matt. How perfect for him to propose between Good Friday and Easter. How holy of him!"

Anne, I don't think that's what he was aiming for.

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