Monday, April 18, 2011

I was never one for bowling...

{Bowling + disco + patriotic flag... well ain't that Amurica?}
{If I could be confident that there wasn't some mold or something growing in bowling shoes, I'd totally consider swiping these. Well, actually not really. I wouldn't steal. But I'd be up for bargaining}
{There's that smile!}
... Bowling usually was an activity I would have to do for a friend's birthday or to receive some type of badge for Brownies (the amateur version of Girl Scouts). I was never good at bowling. I'm still actually really bad. But then I bowled with James and had so much fun. Seeing James smile and fist pump after he got two strikes in a row was awesome (for a lack of better words). Plus, we had the whole alley to ourselves, so every time I guttered the ball I just did a little loser victory dance.

In completely unrelated news. Well, not even news. Just unrelated. I always liked the song "You're still the one" by Shania Twain, but this morning I heard my roommate playing this version in her bedroom and now I'm hooked. Hearing a guy sing this song is just a whole new level of greatness. Oh Lee, you seriously shouldn't have. You got yourself a new fan.

*This version of "Falling Slowly" is pretty tremendous as well. Not as good as the original. But still enjoyable.

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