Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WHY aren't these things real???

James and the Giant Peach
James and the Giant Peach holds a special place in my heart. And Tim Burton's film creation is just as wondrous. Living inside a peach would be gross, but Roald Dahl makes it seem enticing. I wish I could meet a bunch of friendly insects who play the violin and such, and I wish I could fly, via a piece of fruit, to NYC. I remember always hating James' aunts and I wanted to punch them in the nose for being so mean to lil Jamesy poo. Aunt Spiker (the one with the severe cheekbones) frightened me. And rightfully so. She looked like an anorexic clown and she whipped James with a belt!!! Aunt Sponge however was never quite as threatening. She was like a plump rollie pollie.

Harry Potter
I know I am probably the 5 millionth person to be stating that I wish Hogwarts was real. But I DO! I truly believe that I could just fit right in with the bunch. Hermione and I could study together, Ron and I could make out and tell jokes, and Harry and I could play quidditch. The four of us would travel to Three Broomsticks and drink butterbeer all day. And then we'd sit in the common room area by the fire and, and, and we'd just do EVERYTHING! The way I feel when I read HP books is ineffable. It is the numero uno book at making me feel like I live in another world. Dear Harry, Ron, and Hermione, if you are real, come find me. I will leave behind the life I live if it means I get to be your pal and live in your magical world. Contact me via Hedwig please. Or just use floo powder and show up in my family room. Either one will make me pee my pants. (Sidenote: this is my favorite HP bookcover. The colors, the prancing unicorn, the whimsical purple and orange sherbert sky, the two lit windows in Hogwarts... I love it all!)

Ok well obviously I know clouds are real, but the whole jumping on them...not so much. But they should be bouncy. They should be just like trampolines, and they should smell like candy, and they should have complimentary milkshakes with whipped cream every time you went on them, and you should definitely be able to jump from cloud to cloud. When I was little I was convinced that the aforementioned actually happened, but just not until you went to heaven and became an angel. Last year when I took a weather and climate class and we talked about clouds and how they are just vapor, I wanted to standup and shout at the professor, "You're wrong!!! You're wrong!!!" But I never did.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

things that never fail to make Me smile

1) This picture of silly, young English lads wearing galoshes. The one hanging upside down is supposedly Emma Watson's boyfriend.

2) This scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas. My favorite line is, "Charlie Brown is blockhead, but he did buy a nice Christmas tree."
Reminiscing of Christmastime when I was little is my favorite. Only fond memories. Snuggling with my mom, dad, and brothers and watching Home Alone, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Snowman (ahhhhh this is actually probably my favorite favorite), PeeWee Herman's Christmas (the one with Charo and where everyone brings PeeWee a fruitcake).

3) The song "With Arms Outstretched" by Rilo Kiley
- The lead singer is beautiful and I'm jealous of her red hair.
- The guitarist is from Boy Meets World AND Salute Your Shorts!?!?! JACKPOT!
- I like how she silences the guitar with such a swift and gentle hand movement. You go, girl!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh Abe

So this semester is going to be a lot, lot, lot, lot of writing. I'm taking two writing intensive courses: American Lit and British Lit before 1750 (yikes!), Creative Writing, and Film production. All of the classes (minus the Early British Lit) are subjects that really interest me. But after looking at the syllabi, I think I want to cry. Sooo many papers and projects. And in such little time. It seems as though professors make their syllabus with the intention of making everything clear and organized, but often time I feel like they just confuse and overwhelm me. But you know what? It's ok. Because I have other things on campus that make me non-overwhelmed. Things like this...
Going to Badger football games with my friends!!! Sporting the red, tailgating, the whole crowd singing Build Me Up Buttercup, Sweet Caroline, Shout, Hey Baby I want to know if You'll be my Girl, etc. etc
Going on dates with Andrew at the Cabana Room and eating some of the most delicious food ever. And the interior is so nice. Red and turqoise walls and dimmed lighting (oo la la) and paintings.
Reading in between classes on Bascom Hill. Whispering sweet nothings to Honest Abe and people watching as students walk to classes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tie Dye Love

The final products
Tie Dying out on our balcony on the last day of summer
Extra comfy Hanes v-necks :)

Tuesday was the last day of summer and it was gorgeous out. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and everyone was in a super good mood. That is, except me. I was so freaking cranky!!! And I think the fact that everyone else was in such a good mood got me even crankier. I usually love being on campus in Madison at the beginning of the school year because everyone is excited to be back and is outfitting their new apartments. And I usually love taking in State Street and the crowds of people who inhabit it. So many different characters: a guy dressed in an orange jumpsuit playing a piccolo next to the Lutheran church, the tiny woman who waves me over to taste a sample at her Chinese food stand, nervous freshman walking around with their parents buying their books (acting embarrassed that they are with moms and pops and yet secretly sad they have to say goodbye), the hippies playing hacky sack on Library Mall, the hipsters drinking their coffee at Espresso Royale, students playing frisbee on Bascom Hill, and the crazy, uber religious guy that shouts into a microphone about being saved from the wrath of hell. Usually I welcome them all (even the "wrath of hell" guy because he is kinda funny to watch) and have come to recognize them as predictable and familiar, something to take comfort in because they give an iconic stamp to the college I have grown to love. But not on Tuesday. All I wanted to do was flip everyone the bird. Things that were making me mad: 1) Woke up feeling really hot and uncomfortable 2)Major headache 3) Had to go back to the bookstore because my teacher decided to add ANOTHER $60 book to the list of 7 books I already bought for his class 4) TOOOO many people on State street and I'd say most of them were slow walkers 5) Walked to the fruit stand and picked out all my goods only to realize I only had my credit card on me and they only took cash GRRRR 6) Had to make a hundred calls to Madison Gas & Electric and figure out billing stuff because they screwed up my new apartment address 7) Walked to another bookstore that is really far away and find out they just sold the last copy of the book I needed 8) Someone nearly knocked me down while running to catch a bus 9) Went to go make a turkey sandwich and remembered that I used the last of my turkey the day before

But then my roommates suggested we tie dye shirts and all was well. And now that I actually write down all the stuff that was making me cranky, I see that I wasn't actually having that bad of a day. Whatever, I was just being a crab, and every once in a while I think it's okay to be one.