Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh Abe

So this semester is going to be a lot, lot, lot, lot of writing. I'm taking two writing intensive courses: American Lit and British Lit before 1750 (yikes!), Creative Writing, and Film production. All of the classes (minus the Early British Lit) are subjects that really interest me. But after looking at the syllabi, I think I want to cry. Sooo many papers and projects. And in such little time. It seems as though professors make their syllabus with the intention of making everything clear and organized, but often time I feel like they just confuse and overwhelm me. But you know what? It's ok. Because I have other things on campus that make me non-overwhelmed. Things like this...
Going to Badger football games with my friends!!! Sporting the red, tailgating, the whole crowd singing Build Me Up Buttercup, Sweet Caroline, Shout, Hey Baby I want to know if You'll be my Girl, etc. etc
Going on dates with Andrew at the Cabana Room and eating some of the most delicious food ever. And the interior is so nice. Red and turqoise walls and dimmed lighting (oo la la) and paintings.
Reading in between classes on Bascom Hill. Whispering sweet nothings to Honest Abe and people watching as students walk to classes.

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