Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Sunday feels like Saturday

On calm, quiet days like this, what I wish to do with my life seems so crystal clear... make movies. Documentaries, trailers, short films, montages, etc. All of it.

Inspired by this movie:

Jumbled thoughts as I slowly devour (contradiction?) this beautiful Sunday breakfast consisting of toast, 2 poached eggs and coffee. The house is quiet and I have work off tomorrow. MLK, every year, I'm so proud to say we share the same birthday week. It's like we're friend soul mates.

1) Staplers might actually be the death of me.

2) J. Crew makes me mad. Stop being so expensive. My thoughts as I peruse the store... "Oh, what a darling nautical striped shirt. Hmm I wonder how much it -- $125.00???? Forgetaboutit!" Then I leave the store.

3) I want to hang out with Yo-Yo Ma. He's so smiley.

My kitchen on summer mornings, when the outdoor lighting is so inviting.

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