Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Joy

Fab Moretti and Binki Shapiro of Little Joy back in the day via

Now he's with Kristen Wiig. I approve.

It's amazing how an unexpected text can brighten one's day. A mere sentence can have me smiling all the freaking live long day.

Here are some of my favorite texts that are still in my inbox:

From my brother Kevin:
If you don't download Hall and Oats' "Rich Girl" and blast it while you're in the shower, well, then, your life is missing something.

From my brother Matt:
I turn 10,000 days old tomorrow. You don't have to get me anything.

From my cousin Sean:
Step the eff aside when that bouquet is thrown unless you wanna get hurt.

From my cousin Sean:
Rihanna's "Live Your Life" played at the wedding I was at last night and I almost took my shirt off.

From my friend Rich:
I'm at the scene of the chincident. Happy Wednesday!

From my friend Mallory:
Happy Thanksgiving! May your day bring happiness and no kidney stones.

From my brother Kevin:
Clark Duke is hilarious. And he was raised like a gentleman.

From my brother Kevin:
Veterans of Foreign War? Yeah, that's pretty legit. Keep the tunes flowing.

From my friend Kyle:
Merry belated Christmas. Hope you got all the cast iron skillets you hoped for. And if you didn't, just lemme know because I got 2.

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