Monday, October 5, 2009


"In the woods, is perpetual youth.
Standing on the bare ground,
head bathed by the blithe air,
and uplifted into infinite space ...
I am nothing."

Found Here

Currently taking a break from reading Emerson. I should have read him 9 days ago for class...but I fell slightly behind. And now I have a midterm on Thursday, so I need to read, read, read. But Ralph (we're on a first name basis) really has a way with his words that just makes me want to be in nature. I just wanna plop down in the woods next to a pond surrounded by orange, red, and yellow leaves. And then some ducks will come my way and I'll feed them bread. And then I'll pull out my thermos (and by "my", I mean my roommate's because I don't own one) and drink hot apple cider.

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  1. wow that photo is gorgeous

    apple ciderrrr!!! mmmm