Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eyes and Ears part 1

Listening to.... "The Funeral" by Band of Horses. Over and over and over. Also check out what "I am Fuel" had to say about the song and listen to Serena Ryder's cover. Her version is so sweet; it could lull me right to sleep.

Watching... "Strip Mall Trilogy part 2" by Roger Beebe. It's a short clip I watched in my film production class. Watch and you'll see the ABC's modified and a much more interesting look at strip mall store signs. Love Roger Beebe's work. Not to be cliche (but I'm going to), he takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. You da man !!

Well, now I am off to the library to sit for hours upon hours studying for my British Lit before 1750 midterm. YUCK!!!


  1. British Lit before 1750=what ruins reading for people.

  2. Love Band of Horses and am totally going to head I've and check out the other version of the funeral!