Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Anne Katherine !!!

Anne on the left in the blue and me in the middle in that ridiculous green/white dress.
Good pick mom.

Today, January 10, is one of my bestest and long time friend's 21st birthday. Last night a few of us went over to her house before going to the nearby restaurant Palmer's so she could buy her first legal drink. Anne, Katie, Moira, myself, and Anne's mom got really excited when she ordered a margarita at 12:05 am, giving little claps and smiles. And then the waitress asked to see her ID which was also all exciting and whatnot. Until the waitress said she might not be able to serve her because her birthday wasn't until the next day. WHICH JUST DIDN'T MAKE SENSE! So we were like "Uhhh, but it is her birthday." And the waitress was all, "Well we have rules here. I'll have to check with the manager." Awkward. Didn't she see that Anne's mom was sitting with us? What kind of shenanigans did she think we were trying to pull? Well she came back and said, "This might sound silly, but I have to check the expiration date."


Well long story short, she got her drink. But the waitress didn't even wish Anne a Happy Birthday. What a grinch.

Ok despite all that stupidness, there was some cuteness. Anne's boyfriend Connor is studying abroad in Spain, so he wasn't able to join us. However, along with a gift, he left her a card that she wasn't allowed to open until we went out. Before leaving for Palmer's she opened the card and there was 10 bucks with a note that said even though he couldn't be there he wanted to buy Anne her first drink. Awwww.

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