Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things I like part 1

1. PS22 JUST DANCE. I know it's been around for awhile. But it's still good.
2. Matt's legit angry face because he thinks I take too many pictures. Whatever.
3. Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory = Food coma with a dash of heaven.
4. Black and white checkered floors. When I grow up (shit, I already kinda have) I'm gonna have them in my kitchen. They remind me of the board game Clue. Ya know whatta mean? You don't? Well that's ok.
5. My living room that looks so pretty during the day.
6. Stealing my mom's camera.
7. The beautiful city of chicago.
8. Colorful hot air balloons.
9. Those jackets. I want them now. Aren't the Obama girls like 8? Why do they get to dress so nicely? That was rhetorical.


  1. i LOVE this whole list
    and i am so out of the loop... that was my first time to see that video

    can i tell you how much i love your blog? i think youre hysterical

  2. You should go to the hot air balloon festival in Albuequerque. It will be the happiest day ever.