Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Break Reminiscing

Dear winter break, at times you had a way of making me feel really lazy and spoiled and useless. But now that I am back at school and already submerged in reading reading reading, I kinda want you back. At least the part about getting to sleep in.

{sunset outside my bedroom window}

Ice Skating at Wrigley (but I'm still a Sox fan. South Siiiiide)
Ann, me, Lauren
makes me laugh every time. surprisingly, Lauren doesn't fall
awwww. hi mikey!

Art Institute of Chicago (my favorite place ever)
contemporary art in the Modern Wing
I want to be that cabin on the river's edge.
Harald Sohlberg - Fisherman's Cottage
Van Gogh, our love blossomed in the summer of 2003 when I read three books on you.
Still going strong.
Vincent Van Gogh - Bedroom in Arles

The Shedd Aquarium
yay Shauna came to visit!!! and I nearly got us lost. woops.
imagine waking up to that every morning. yikes.

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