Friday, January 22, 2010

Turning 21 !!!

On MLK Day, January 18th, I turned 21 !!! It was a blast. Thank you to all my friends and family for celebrating with me and for all the birthday wishes.

My parents, my brother Matt, and his girlfriend Lindsey went to Benihanas on the 14th to celebrate early since I was leaving for school on Saturday. I was so pumped for the night because I was really craving Japanese food, and I love watching them do all their tricks. Well then I got super super pumped when I walked into the restaurant and was surprised by my cousins and aunts and uncles!!!! My mom invited them without my knowing. It was the best! I couldn't stop smiling.
Aunt Maureen, me, Aunt Sharon
Lindsey, Matt, Colleen, me, Sean, Brendan, Kelly
Our chef Jay cutting up some zucchini
My mom listening intently to Lindsey's ordering advice since my mom was overwhelmed by the menu and Lindsey actually knew what was going on.
My Uncle Skip and Uncle Jim looking on as the food preparations come out.
Benihana Punch

And then on Sunday we had people at our place until Midnight. And then we headed to the bars because, ya know, I'm a cool 21 year old and I'm now able to to actually able to get in. We had a short mishap when I lost my wallet at like 11:50 pm right when we were ready to head out. My roommate Lauren was yelling at people to help, "Why are you just standing THERE??? Kathleen is turning 21 in 10 minutes and she can't find her ID!!!!" Turns out the wallet was on my bed. I'm pathetic. Anyway we get to the bar the Nitty Gritty which gives out free beer to anyone celebrating their birthday. So my roommate Annie and I go up to the bar and they say "What kind do you want?" and I answer "Bud". I have no idea why I said that, especially considering I could have gotten like nice, real quality beer like Spotted Cow or something. And my friend Luke goes, "Kathleen, you just ordered a Budweiser. Did you mean Bud Lite?" Well, I did mean Bud Lite but I was just being too stupid to know the difference, so Luke had to run after the bartender to let her know what I actually wanted. Rough Kathleen, rough.
My friend (and future roomie) Shauna singing happy birthday to me. You go girl!
By the time I got to the bar, the only two balloons they had left were orange and yellow. And I definitely was not too happy about it. But I went with orange because it's my dad's favorite color.
Oh well. Cheers to being 21 !!!!


  1. gosh I could go for a Spotted Cow - happy belated bday girlf!

  2. Looks like a blast! Love you moms face when she is trying to figure out how to order!

  3. oh, how precious to be turning 21- happy birthday! And isn't Japanese food supreme?!


  4. Happy birthday! I went to a restaurant just like this for my last birthday! Very fun.

  5. cheers from Madrid, lady! and happy birthday! we should get a beer when i get back...OR WHEN YOU COME TO SPAIN

  6. OWEN!!! gahhhh i miss you. what's your email? or address in spain? let's be pen pals!!!!!!