Monday, February 1, 2010

One year, One month, & One day Kidney Stone Free !!!

{For the sake of everyone, there were no pictures taken during either kidney stone disaster. However, I did find this gem... 5th grade... when i broke my nose and had surgery. And when i thought it was a good idea to tuck my shirt into my jeans. Double ouch}

Soooooo the disclaimer is: Drink lots of water with lemon juice. It helps prevent Kidney stones.

Though most people who get kidney stones get them when they are in their 50s, I have had the pleasure of getting them when I was 18 and 19. I've had three. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! Total bogus. I don't know what I've done to deserve them, but they sure do like me. Well anyway, I've been a little over a year kidney stone free, and that makes me mucho mucho happy. KNOCK ON WOOD.

I'll never forget my first kidney stone. It went a lil something like this.... Freshman year. Dorms. 9 PM. Day before leaving for home for Thanksgiving break. Laying on couch. Reading Youth in Revolt. Sharp pain in back. Think I have food poisoning from eating my roommates salsa (because ya know, karma's a bitch). Go to the bathroom and lay on floor (I know disgusting). Proceed to throw up for a half hour. Cry a lot. Go to my bedroom and try to fall asleep. Can hear loud drunk floor-mates being drunk because they don't have class the next day. Go back to the bathroom and lay on floor for 1 hour. More throw up (girl on my floor who I never really talked to asks if I am alright. She thinks I'm wasted. I'm not). Go to my RA and tell her I'm really sick and think I have food poisoning. We call the hospital and the nurse tells me to just try to fall asleep. Now I start really really crying, because that's like the worst news ever (how am I suppose to fall asleep when I can barely sit still without moaning in pain?). My friend Shannon says that's ridiculous and decides to bring me to the ER anyway. Can't even walk so they wheelchair me in. Doc says "you have a kidney stone". They won't give me any medicine until I give them a urine sample (which is really unfortunate because when you have a kidney stone it's nearly impossible to go the bathroom). I go the bathroom. I cry more on the floor because I'm in pain and just want the flipping drugs that'll make me feel better. I guess I went. They give me the medicine. I finally fall asleep around 2 AM. Wake up and my dad is there. He drives me home to Chicago. I spend Thanksgiving in bed.

Fast forward about a year later to December 30... the kidney stones strike again!!! But this time I knew EXACTLY what it was. It's a very unique pain. I was trying on the Juicy Couture bathrobe my godmother gave me for Christmas. 4 hours later I was in the hospital. Happy freaking New Year's Eve.

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