Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greg Otto + Chicago

In July I saw a free prescreening of 500 Days of Summer in Evanston with my mom. My dad, per usual, had a thought process like this, "Ok it might fill up quickly. You should get there at least 2 hours before the show. And leave 40 minutes for driving. And maybe 15 extra minutes in case you can't find parking. Oh, and if you plan on eating, all the nearby restaurants probably will be booked, so you should give yourself another 20 minutes."

So my mom and I left about 3 hours before show time. And needless to say, we were the first freaking people there. By a lot. My dad really likes to be on time and he hates being in a rush. I should probably follow his lead, for it seems as though I am almost always in a rush (my roommate Lauren can attest to this...I usually leave like 5 minutes before my classes start... Yet I still manage to be on time. Thank you Jesus).

What was I even talking about? Oh yes, 500 Days of Summer. Well long story short, we had a lot of time to kill. Lucky me one of my favorite stores was next to the theater. BLICKS art materials. Now I am no artist (painter, sculptor, animator etc.) but I sure do like art supplies. And crafts. Crafts are fun. dgahdghasdfjaskldfhash Who cares? I think I am delirious right now. Need. Sleep. Well, again, long story short, I found these Greg Otto note cards and I bought them. The end. I hope that was enlightening. I think I just put myself to sleep. Whatever. Greg Otto is awesome, and these note cards are my favorite. Woooo yay for writing letters. Ok I'm going to sleep now. Sorry for wasting your time. But before you go, check out Greg Otto!! (actually it's a pretty lame website. it only has his contact info and such. but if you want that, then by all means, check her out!)

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