Monday, February 8, 2010


{this has nothing to do with anything. and yet, it has everything to do with everything}

1) The smell of Cetaphil face soap is literally one of my favorite smells in the whole wide world. Does that make me weird?

2) I am super grossed out by the hard stuff that forms in a lotion pump when you haven't used the lotion for a few days. Ya know whatta mean?

3) I don't understand the "view all" option on clothing websites. Why wouldn't you want to view all? Separating dresses onto a million pages doesn't make sense. Maybe I'm wrong.

4) The fitted sheet is enough. All other sheets just make me feel claustrophobic. My legs get tangled.

5) I'm really good at laughing at inopportune/inappropriate times. I gotta work on it. Like laughing out loud during a presentation when a student says the word "whiz" to describe a bike riding by is pretty immature. Not being able to stop laughing and having to leave the room is even worse. Yikes.


  1. you are so not wrong about the view all. why would i want to click through 200 pages of 4 dresses, urban outfitters? answer: i don't.

  2. I hate the unfitted sheets too...I have never slept with them and never will...good thing my senora is not a fan of them either or else I would feel pretty guilty about taking them off the bed every night

    miss you mucho KQ

  3. There are so many things right with this post, starting with the picture. you know how I feel about it.
    You know what I don't like though, when my comments don't post.
    did this one?

  4. that photo <3

    excuse me while i go blow it up, frame it and put it on my wall

  5. hahaha i LOVE this...except for the cetaphil face lotion comment. Girl you're missing out. There are much better smells in this world than that sour stench cetaphil lotion leaves behind. Not my favorite.