Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wonderful Tonight

Gets. Me. Every. Freaking. Time.

I want this to be my "first dance" at my wedding. Yeah, I decided that quite some time ago. If my mom is reading this she's probably rolling her eyes and muttering something like, "Kathleen, you are always looking ahead. Why don't you just enjoy the here and now?"

Well excuse me for once in a while (aka almost every night) not being able to go to bed, putting on my "Sleepy Time" playlist, and putting this song on repeat. So what if I've already imagined this dance with a mystery fellow. So what if this day won't come for like years and years and years (if ever).

Pattie Boyd is so freaking lucky. Eric wrote this song for her, and George Harrison (sigh, swoon, batting my eyelashes, and other girly expressions) wrote "Something" for her. Any boys that wish to write me a song as romantic as either of the aforementioned are more than welcome to do so.

Oh yeah, and this may or may not be the dress I want to wear on my wedding. Ok I'll stop.
{found via Cup of Jo}


  1. yes, i think a cap-sleeve would suit you very well indeed

  2. I want a lace dress for my wedding too...ahhhh I feel this post