Friday, February 12, 2010

I think I'd like that very much

Olivia over at everyday musings (one of my favorite favorite blogs) is having a giveaway! AND it is a super cute giveaway. busybeelauren makes them, and this one is called "angie." Isn't it just darling? It would be perfect for a night out with some girlfriends, OR it would be perfect for a more sophisticated African Safari party. I know, you are thinking, "Kathleen, there aren't peacocks in Africa." And to that I say, "YES THERE ARE!" Trust me I've done my research. Last year I went to an African Safari party and really wanted to be a peacock, and guess what, there is the Congo Peacock. Now the girl Congo's aren't that pretty, but the men are beautiful! So I went as a male. Oh well.

{katie and me at the African Safari partaaay.}
{you can see my feathers in the upper right corner.}
{i don't know that i have ever tried smiling so hard in my life. yikes.}

Now go enter the giveaway over at Olivia's to win!!!

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