Thursday, December 31, 2009

We're ROYALTY !!!

Except actually we're not. But give me a night out on the town - seeing Jersey Boys with my mom, eating dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant, & having dessert at The Palmer House Hotel - and I basically feel like Prince Harry's fiancee.
I don't know that he has one. But if he did.
And hey, anyone else think Prince Harry is way hotter than William?
Them redheads. Wowza!

{The Palmer House Hotel}
{Seeing Jersey Boys with my mom the day after Christmas}
{Glittery State Street}
{Bank of America Theater}
{Dad checkin out the dessert menu while wearing his sharp lookin sweater}
{We ordered 3 of these guys, 1 creme brulee, and 1 apple crisp. We did major damage}
{And we saw this lovely couple doing some last minute practicing for their first dance before entering the reception party. It was darling}
{And I snuck into their reception room before it started to snap a photo. I mean, come on, it was in the freaking Empire Room. Frankie Sinatra sang there back in the day. I had to trespass}

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  1. regaring prince harry: gingers have more fun.