Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago

{waiting to be picked up at O'Hare}
{reminds me of the airport scenes from Home Alone}

Coming home for Christmas is one of the best feelings ever. Memories from childhood flood my brain as I take in all the pretty houses decorated with lights and wreaths and lit trees in the front window. Such a good feeling to know that I get one month to just REST. I wish it was Christmastime more often!

I finished my last final on Saturday at 4:45, and in less than an hour later I was on the bus headed back home. When I finally walked into my house, my mom had homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting. Then she and I went to Midway Airport to pick up my brother Kevin who flew in from Boston. So much catching up; so much that we kinda kept talking over each other. We have to work on that...

Waking up on Sunday morning in my own bed was heaven. Not having to worry about taking another final was heaven. Looking out my window and seeing Lenny (my dog) playing in the snow was heaven. Walking with Kevin and my mom two blocks to church, surrounded by tall trees whose branches were covered with crisp, white snow was heaven. Going grocery shopping with Kev was heaven. Being home after a very stressful two weeks of tests and papers was HEAVEN.

{usually when Lenny looks at me like this I give him a treat. even if he doesn't deserve one}
{pulling up to my house. snow overload on top of our lights}
{the living room. in case you are wondering why those boxes are on the chair, it is to keep Lenny from lounging on the sofa when we aren't home. he tends to sneak up on the nice furniture if no one is looking}
{da family room. when Lenny was a puppy, that stuffed Santa was his nemesis. now they're friends}
{ballerina night light outside my room}
{close up of tree christmas lights}
{it's always comforting to look across the hall and see my parent's light on. when i was in 3rd grade i saw the movie Scream and was scarred. so i made my parent's keep that light on until i fell asleep. i'm such a baby}
{and Lenny is so handsome and so old looking in this picture. is that the start of a gray beard i see??? OMG what is happening to my 8 year old puppy?}

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