Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teacher Troubles

Pop quizzes, BO, and scary substitutes deserve my angry face.

OK so.

1) Last Tuesday we had a substitute teacher for my creative writing class. And she was all business. No messing around. She walked into the classroom, didn't say hello, threw her purse on the table, and said, "Let's workshop some poems and get the hell outta here." I had the pleasure of sitting next to her. She went on and on about Sylvia Plath and her poem "Cut", a poem where Plath talks about the pleasure she got in accidently cutting off part of her finger. The teacher kept raving. She then told us she collects mice skulls and keeps them in a jar on her mantle, saying she finds them, "Creepily beautiful." ... She left me with a lot to think about.

2) Yesterday I went to me 8:50 Film Production lecture and sat in the second row as usual. We had a guest speaker for the first half of class, and as she began to talk, I got my notebook out and took off my coat. AND OMG SOMETHING SMELLED. Did I have major BO? It couldn't be. I showered. I thought I put deodorant on. I even put on a lil perfume. But I do admit I was wearing a thermal that I had briefly worn two days before. But really, I smelled that bad? It was embarrassing. So the whole time the guest speaker was talking, I was basically just thinking about how bad I smelled and how I wanted the lecture to be over so I could run home and change. Well when she finished speaking, she sat down in the first row, the seat in front of me. And guess what? IT WAS HER. She was the stinky one. I could smell her BO from like 15 feet away. I nearly passed out from the odor; I had to subtly hold my shirt's sleeve in front of my nose. Did I mention she wasn't wearing a bra either? Well, she wasn't.

3) After the smelly guest speaker was finished with her spiel, we were suppose to watch the Light Journals that different students in the class made. Well the darn projector wasn't working. So we get out of class early, right? WRONG. Oh why not just have a pop quiz instead? Grrrrr not cool.


  1. The substitute sounds really weird and where the heck do you find quantities of mouse skulls? Creepy!

  2. what is with the unenthused sub - sounds like a freak!