Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finals VS Holiday... I'll take the latter

One day you're waking up at 3 am to finish studying for a final you're soooo not prepared for, and the next thing you know you're at home on the couch stuffing your face with chocolate chip cookies and listening to the freaking Black Eyed Peas on repeat (I don't know why). Life works in mysterious ways.

Madison finals week
Madison. 4:45 am. Final in 3 hours.
I'm surprised I'm still alive.
Singing Happy Birthday to Annie on her actual 21st.
A much needed break from studying.
One of the two towers of books I had to read this semester.
Yo English major, tone it down.

Home for zi Holiday
Mother dearest opening a present.
Later in the day at my aunt and uncle's.
Family gathered in the living room.
Poor Kelly was sick :(
More family gathered in the family room.
I spy CC's cute striped outfit.
I spy Benny sleeping on Mark.
I spy dad's bald head.
Finnigan is a troublemaker.
And he decided it would be a good idea to run away on Christmas.
Not once. But 5 times.
It was quite comical.
The 5th time he ran away, my brothers Matt and Kevin, my cousins Sean and Brendan, and my Uncle Skip ALL had to chase him.

Yes, I definitely take being home with the fam over studying for stupid finals. Even if it does mean putting up with my mom asking me to do a bajillion chores. I know she was tired and stressed after a long day of work, but seriously within 2 minutes she said, "Kathleen, load the dishwasher.... Kathleen, sweep the bathroom... Kathleen, set the table for dinner... Kathleen, go get paper towels from the basement... Kathleen, feed Lenny... Kathleen, fold the dish towels and put em away..."

O meee god.

I love you momma.

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