Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm so glad you are here...

... you make me realize how beautiful my world is.

This may be over a week late, but I am still thankful.

Chocolate chip, banana pancakes. Side of potatoes. Side of fruit. I'm thankful for Sunroom Cafe and for Mallory being a glutton with me :)
On Thanksgiving little cousin Benny "accidentally" dropped half of a cupcake in Finnegan's mouth. Finn didn't seem to mind. I'm thankful for little cousins who always keep me laughing.
Turkey Bowl 2009. I threw an interception and still managed to not receive too much heckling.
I'm thankful for that.
We were gathered in the family room; the fire wasn't on. But it didn't matter. There was warmth nonetheless. Watching home videos of when my cousins, brothers, and I were little never gets old. I'm thankful for cozy times spent with family.
Pitter patter. My tired feet climb the endless hill to my British Lit lecture. I'm thankful for beautiful scenery and the sound of calming rain for making the hike so much more pleasant.


  1. That's it, I'm having a pile of pancakes for dinner.

  2. Aw, I just found your blog and saw this post with the pic from your university... it made me think of the impossibly tall hill I used to have to climb to get to my Brit Lit class some seven years ago... and your campus looks like mine... thanks for the memory jogger! (PS, I'm so jealous! Love every minute of your Eng classes in college... I miss those days!)