Wednesday, December 9, 2009


They canceled classes today. And every UW student's mood was lifted a teeny bit. And by "a teeny bit" I mean "a lot a bit". Last night we celebrated this historical event by trudging merrily in the snow to our friend's house to play flip cup outside. And today we slept in and Mallory made blueberry muffins. We studied cozily together in our family room, Lauren's candle adding extra warmth. I LOVE WISCONSIN !!!

Reminds me of Love Actually when Colin goes to Milwaukee.
Colin: I've bought a ticket to the States. I'm off in three weeks.
Tony: No!
Colin: Yes! To a fantastic place called Wisconsin.
Tony: No!
Colin: Yes! Wisconsin babes, here comes Sir Colin! Whoo hoo!
Walkin in a Winter Wonderland.
Oh what the hell!
Finals in less than a week? whatever.
Flip cup outside = beer slushie
View from the balcony. Snow, you can stay as long as you promise to stay this pretty.
Thanks Lauren for making our home even homier.


  1. That back shot of you girls walking is super precious!

  2. KQ I love your snow day pictures! It looks like it was so much fun! We didn't get any snow down just got really cold. Boo! I can't wait to see the snow at home though...and I guess you too :) tell Ann I say happy birthday!