Tuesday, March 8, 2011

grrr the snow still hasn't completely melted

1. Fooling around with the aperture and ended up liking the one that was overexposed the best. Seems like a shot that could have been in Fargo. Not like I'm good enough to have been part of the masterpiece that is Fargo. But. I'm just saying it has that feel. Throw Frances McDormand in there and you got yourself a winner.

2. I've never noticed all the non matching bricks on this building. I pass it every Monday and Wednesday and only now has it dawned on me that A) someone messed up or B) someone decided to give good ole Science Hall a little character. Either way, I'm down with it.

3. Sometimes you need water to live. Sometimes you need coffee to function in order to do homework. Sometimes you need milk for your gooey fudge brownie with heath. Sometime you need a gooey fudge brownie with heath because it's March and March stinks.

4. Nick's Diner. Love it.

5. Bows are making a comeback. Mark my word. And even if no one joins me, I'll be rocking them.

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  1. Aww those are such a great photos and you are adorable:) Kisses and enjoy your day

    Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)