Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lighting and Food

1) I'm a candle junkie all of a sudden. And I might have a favorite candle scent. Windsor Forest from Crabtree and Evelyn. I don't care if it's not considered "in-season" and I don't care if it reminds people of the holidays; I'm going to have that baby burning well into summer.

2) Peanut butter brownies dipped in milk chocolate and decorated. On Valentine's Day, nothing says "cheers to not having a boyfriend" like chocolate dipped in chocolate!

3) A basket of laundry I've failed to empty for the past week and a half. A purse filled with gum wrappers. A garbage that needs to be emptied. An old school TV that likely has to be dusted. Gummy vitamins that make taking vitamins so much fun.

4) This picture was taken literally two minutes after the one above it was taken. I'm always amazed by how quickly lighting can change. I think my favorite memories of noticing lighting changes are from when I was little and would go to my older brothers' baseball games. Summer days and during the first inning it is sunny as can be. Ninth inning and the moon is high above and some guy needs to turn on the booming bright stadium field's lights.


  1. cute desk!!

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  2. gal pal. my kind of post. i'll be in the twin cities march 26-30th. maybe you will be too? xo