Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Little Lamb turned 21

Lauren, my little lamb, and who just so happens to share a bedroom with me (I know, isn't she lucky?), turned 21 on May 2nd !!! Her mom and sister came to town and treated a group of us to dinner at a place called Brickhouse BBQ. It was deeeeelicious! I chowed down on that pulled pork sandwich like I hadn't eaten in days.

Here are just a few of the reasons I love Lauren:

1) She puts up with my 3 alarms. But really I think after sharing a room with me for two years, she has grown so accustomed to the sound ("I don't wanna be a playa no more" in case you were wondering) it has just become background noise. Like birds chirping in the morn. Don't even faze her.

2) She's got a sass like J.Lo that only I understand and appreciate.

3) She makes the best homemade guacamole and shares it with me.

4) She has a pretty smile and a pretty dimple.

5) She let's me use her hair dryer because mine is really crappy.

6) We gossip and giggle before we go to sleep.

7) Back massages.

8) Her one liners like "Shoot a monkey" that don't make sense but make me laugh. And now I say them too.

{Birthday Girl and her free beer}
{I bought purple daisies for our kitchen because purple is her favorite}
{We are always laughing}

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  1. KQ, you are the best roomie :) Good use of the word accustomed.