Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Missing Mallory

One of my dearest friends Mallory is studying abroad in Buenos Aires. It's great for her because she gets all this life experience and blah blah blah, but it is bad for me because I don't get to see her months at a time.
{Oh well aren't you just a little charmer wandering around Patagonia }

Mal, remember that time we went to Ian's Pizzeria around two in the morning? After eating our slices we kinda just sat there and watched as others moseyed in and out of the place. I then spotted you eyeing a piece of crust sitting on a paper plate at our table that someone had left behind. You looked at it with such longing and I said, "I won't judge." It's all history from there.


  1. aw, i totally get how you feel. missing someone but knowing that they are doing such incredible things with their life! but i just want to bottle them up and make them stay with me! ahah!!
    sounds like you guys have had some wonderful times!!

  2. Kathleen Brosnan,
    This post made my week.
    wow. wow. wow.
    missin´you too, baby girl.
    love you so much.

    I can´t remember if I ended up eating that crust or not, but thanks for not judging either way.