Thursday, May 27, 2010

All the greats wore hats

Prime examples include -- Abe Lincoln, Donald Duck, Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.
So, you can imagine my discontent when my brother told me I didn't fit in with the hat wearing elite. Here is a conversation from two days ago. I was sitting in the kitchen eating (naturally) and he walks in from running errands.

Matt: What are you wearing?
Me: A swimsuit and coverup. I was just reading outside.
Matt: No. What's on your head?
Me: Uh a Sox baseball cap.
Matt: You don't wear hats.
Me: Clearly I do.
Matt: When?
Me: When I played softball.
Matt: You were like six.
Matt: It looks weird. Take it off.

Clearly this picture proves that I (on the left) am a hat fashionista. Actually, this picture asserts that I'm a fashionista in general. Little Mermaid skates? Check. Hawaiian themed hat? Check. White washed jean overalls? Check. Bright orange shirt? Check.

It's no wonder I had soooo many boys chasing me back in the day.

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