Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Reminders That Could Do Me Some Good

{I hate when people get mushy in the elevator. But I do love this scene in J. Maguire}

Things to remind myself:

1) Kathleen, put down the scissors! Growing out yo bangs is a pain in the keister. But patience, my friend. Patience.

2) Kathleen, remember that when you wear your flip flops, you WILL trip on the damn carpet in your apartment's entrance if you don't pay more attention. Every freaking time. It's a fun game I have with the person who works the front desk. I make a fool of myself, he laughs.

3) Kathleen, if you see a couple getting on the elevator, do NOT get on. Nothing is more awkward than being the third wheel on an elevator ride. Especially when they are cuddly and kissy in a 4x4 space. I can see you know!

4) Kathleen, do not sit in the third row in your Film Styles and Genres class. The kid who 7/10 of the time wanders in late and sits next to you will continue to smell like sushi. Both his clothes and his breath. Do not put yourself through that torture anymore!

5) Kathleen, finish your 10 page paper before Saturday. AKA finish it today!!!! You will want to repeatedly hit your head against the wall if you don't. And your parents will likely appreciate it if you don't call them at 3 in the morning freaking out about school.

6) Kathleen, when it's midnight and you aren't even hungry, do NOT go for a midnight snack. I know it's a happy habit, but COME ON!!! Dipping pretzels in cream cheese tastes extremely good at the time, but you WILL wake up with a tummy ache in the morning.

7) Kathleen, when you are about to ask a stupid question to someone you don't know that well, take a second and STOP. Make up a funny answer in your head and call it a day.


  1. very cute post... i should do the same on the midnight snack... have a nice weekend!

  2. I third the midnight snack thing. But sometimes ice cream in bed is just so darn good!