Saturday, April 24, 2010

Matt and Lindsey

Haters of sand, seafood, & being late = perfect for each other
My brother Matt and his girlfriend Lindsey visited me in Madison two weekends ago. The two of them alone make me laugh, so when they are together... oh boy! I was so excited to show them around my campus, and the good thing about having Matt and Lindsey as visitors is they like to do calm things. That sounds odd. But I mean, they like to sit and observe and chat and eat. That was a terrible description. What I am trying to say is that they take off the pressure of feeling like I need to to entertain. As Matt said, "I'm fine just sitting in the hotel room for a few hours." And that wasn't sarcasm, he was just being factual.

We had a lazy, good ole time walking around campus, checking out student art at the Union, getting ice cream, eating at The Old Fashioned, visiting Lindsey's dad's fraternity, and looking inside the Capitol building.

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