Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"You're Daddy's Little Girl"

This is me and and my dad in 1990 at the pool we belonged to at the time. This picture was in the local paper. I am a CELEBRITY!!!! You can't tell in this picture, but my bathing suit says, "Daddy's Little Girl."
Speaking of which, I have had this song in my head all week. It's called "Daddy's Little Girl" by The Knux. Now the lyrics don't apply to me in the least, but I sure do like to listen to it when I'm walking to class, on the bus, or at the gym. Do you ever wonder what other people are listening to on their iPod? I do. I'd probably be really embarrassed if people could hear what I was listening to ... ya know, the occasional Backstreet Boys jam, an old Everclear favorite, Hanson's Mmmbop. Don't judge. You probably listen to them too.


  1. That picture is awesome! You are such a little cutie.

  2. Uncle Joe looks like a stud in this picture

  3. You guys are so cute! and famous!