Wednesday, March 31, 2010


... someone takes the liberty to call me 'Kathy' or 'Katherine', I want to shout "THAT'S NOT MY NAME!" (Ting Ting style) But I never do. I usually just let it slide. Or if someone else is around they usually correct the person. I guess I get slightly offended just because I am pretty good with remembering names, and if I ever see someone I know I try to use their name in conversation. Except for that one time this summer at a friend's barbecue when I called a kid who lived on my floor freshman year in the dorms Greg instead of Dave. Greg was his roommate. My bad. I didn't even notice I called him the wrong name until like a half hour later I heard someone else say, "Dave, you want a hot dog?" I immediately felt terrible. I went right over to him to apologize. He laughed and said he didn't even notice. I have never called him the wrong name since.

{Just for kicks and giggles}


  1. Names are big. It pisses me off when people call me Beth or Liz. Those are totally different names, people!