Monday, March 15, 2010

If there is one thing I am certain about, it is this...

My future husband, whom ever he may be, better be ready to dance to this song with me:
A) At our wedding
B) While making dinner together on a weekly basis
C) Whenever the hell I want to

Suitable wedding reception arrangements are the following

Suitable kitchen arrangements are the following


  1. i just found like 10 new blogs to follow/website addictions. MERCI! also great day of communication between us oh word

  2. So funny, I have been listening to Miriam Makeba all day. Here is one of my favorites, a duet with Harry Belafonte in Swahili. Not as dancy, but a beautiful love song.

    p.s. I really miss you, and I think we should get together and compare suitable wedding reception/kitchen photos. Goodness knows I have a whole folder. =)

  3. I lovelovelove this song! Reminds me of Beetlejuice lol Beautiful pics as well!

  4. Have I told you lately that you're awesome? I love this song!