Friday, June 22, 2012

Want vs. Need

I was taking a walk around Lake Harriet, and then I got to thinking...

One time I heard a way-too-smart 1st grader say, "I have all that I need," when asked what she wanted for her birthday. Boy, oh boy, that certainly made me do a life check. But, seriously, what do you want for your birthday? Come on. Cake? Pony? Polly Pocket?
So clearly this girl was wise beyond her years. The Winston Churchill of her day some may say. She got me thinking about the distinction between what we as humans actually need and what we just want.  I want a whole lot. Selfish. I mean, at this very moment I could really go for a Philly Cheesesteak. But, again, a want, not a need. (This could be debatable.)
I started to compile a list of my needs versus my wants. Probably just scratching the service. 

1) Family
2) Friends
3) Love
4) Laughter
5) Shelter
6) Nutrients
7) Education

1) Food involving cheese
4) Weekly Harry Belafonte dance parties (again, can be argued as a need)
5) A trip to Ireland. Particularly Gougane Barra
6) To be bffs with Harry, Ron and Hermione
7) A baller style that looks effortless but actually isn't

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