Monday, June 18, 2012


I hosted a BBQ and Olympics party this past weekend. It was a success. Dancing, eating, drinking, singing, games and lots of laughing. Not a shabby weekend one bit. 

{Allison, Stacey, Ari -  Team Azerbaijan}
 {Rachel, me, Kyle - Team USA}
 {Natalie, Ali, Megan - Team Espana}
 {Mal and Carlos - Team Belarus}
 {Rachel just strutting her stuff}
 {Natalie and her beautiful smile}
 {Game spectators in my backyard}
 {Chicas bonitas}
 {Natalie either crushing it or whiffing}
 {Kyle and Ali}
 {Dancing and collapsing}
 {Possibly the tango?}
 {Part of the group}
 {Driveway dance party}
 {Stephen and Allison}
 {Allison and Rachel}
 {Team America a lil bit hot and sweaty}

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