Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camping in Somerset, WI

I went camping for the first time. "What you are 23 and never have been camping?" Yeah, yeah, yeah, hush up. I don't come from a very campy family. When I was in 6th grade my best friend Sam and I had a tent sleepover in her backyard and we watched the movie Anaconda on a portable DVD player. Does that count? Nah, didn't think so. 
On this camping trip we had a bon fire, floated down the Apple river, hunted some wild geese and discovered unchartered territory. Those last two didn't actually happen. 
Fun was had be all! Especially me because I didn't even have to use a porter potty or go outside; there was an actual bathroom within 100 steps. Score! In conclusion, I'm super outdoorsy. 
Candid shot in front of DQ wonderfulness - Allison, Mal, Rachel, Stacey, Ari
Me with my first beer/bon fire combo of the summer
Cute friends
We decided these two songs would make nice companions to our tube floating experience. 
Oh my. Those mutton chops. 

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  1. Fitting that while you were camping I was ALSO camping in Wisconsin! But sans port-a-potty and with 14 year olds. More on that sometime soon. Loving your blog lately! xoxo