Friday, June 8, 2012

People and Places

Last Friday was my last day of teaching. Summer has been awesome thus far. I've done a whole lot of relaxing and reading. My high school self would never have believed this, but a year of work has actually made it possible for me to naturally get up at 8 a.m. (or earlier). I don't even need to set my alarm. I just wake up, look at the clock, give myself a thumbs up and waltz downstairs to make coffee and toast a bagel. 

I sometimes amaze myself with how much I can get done when I choose not to be lazy. I make a To Do list (I'm a little obsessed with them) and then I just power through that bad boy. Yesterday, before noon, I did laundry, watched my friend's little brother play in a State tennis match, went for a walk around the lake, stubbed my toe, paid bills, contemplated weeding my driveway (but didn't), talked to a college roommate for a half hour, made lunch, ate lunch, did dishes, cleaned my room, swept the entire house and then read the book Mockingjay on my back porch for an hour. ALL BEFORE NOON! Mom and dad, can you even believe this?

In other news, I've been perusing some of my favorite blogs, many of which I like just because of the peaceful and/or funny pictures posted. Looking at them reminded me of how I need to get started on collecting footage for my "Summer in Minnesota" video I'm going to make. I love just walking around town with my camera in hand. Happy place. 

So, here are some pictures from around the world, from both the present and the past. I like em. 
MJ, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. Always ballers. 
Rachel McAdams. Making girls everywhere jealous since 2004.
They were just babies. Also, who the heck is the guy on the right?
Just look at his proud mama. 
I'm so confused. But this looks awesome.
Love this movie. True love.
Well then. Luke Bryan. 
Adorable. My invite must have gotten lost in the mail. 
 Me and my Madison gals in Vegas last year. 


  1. KQB-When did you go to Vegas?! I do love just walking around with my camera as well! Something about it is super peaceful. I think a trip to MN is needed this summer! Maybe we can just walk around together :)

  2. I went last year with my roommates at the beginning of our senior year to watch the Badgers play against UNLV.... aka a good excuse to party in Vegas. Minnesota will ALWAYS welcome you with open arms. You'll love it here! Come play!