Monday, June 14, 2010

Let my Cameron gooooo

Unlike good ole Cameron here, I am having a surprisingly pleasant morning. Despite the fact that my hot coffee in combination with my muggy, warm house (AC please?) is making my skin all damp and uncomfortable, I think this might be a really good day. The indicators are: it's lightly raining outside, woke up early enough to finish my reading for this afternoon, there are homemade blueberry muffins waiting for me in the kitchen, and Lenny is resting his head on my feet (I think his way of saying "I'm glad you're here; don't leave me.")

This might be my favorite clip from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1. "How do you feel?" "Shredded." --> I'm bringing this response back.
2. "Ok. I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go." --> poor Cameron

Oh wait. But this scene is EPIC. (the quality stinks, but not including it would be an injustice.)
ps at my friend's birthday, people at the bar could requests songs to the DJ and everyone was requesting some new stuff that I didn't know (except Lady Gaga. Love me some Lady Gaga). Sam (the birthday girl) wanted oldies. So I made my way up to that DJ and said, "Listen up buddy, it's my friend's 21st and she wants some damn oldies. Gimme 'Twist and Shout' stat."

I wasn't actually that aggressive. I think I said something like, "Do you have the Beatles? 'Twist and Shout'? Could you please play it? Thank you!" Then I flashed him my million dollar smile and waited for the twist. To say the least, it was a crowd pleaser. The song, not my dance moves.

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