Monday, June 28, 2010

Indiana canoeing and fast fooding

{Nick and Catie - the great explorers of the Midwest}

Last weekend I had the pleasure to visit Indiana University and stay with some of my good friends who go to school there. Within a four day stay, we ordered pizza four times, went to McDonalds twice, and picked up Chipotle once. So basically what I'm trying to say is that I lost a lot of weight during the trip. Oh, did I mention we also went to The Taste of Bloomington aka an event dedicated to eating? But don't worry folks, we burned some calories canoeing on a beautiful bright sunny day and running a mile (might be exaggerated) in the rain through the quad later that evening. On the car rides we jammed to Madonna's "Like a Prayer" and The Lion King's "Circle of Life" among others. We danced. Oh did we dance. We saw a band called Here Come the Mummies at The Taste. Bananagrams...playing pool...avoiding spiders...playing cards...making each other laugh. Overall, a wonderful trip I'll never forget!

{arriving at a party at 2:03 am, 3 minutes after they stopped serving free drinks. shucks. but we danced anyways)

lil story for ya:
The McDonalds we stopped at on the way was the crummiest one I've ever been to. Broken down bathroom stalls and the slowest service everrrrr. After waiting for about 15 minutes (fast food?!?) I heard a worker say in a frustrated and tired voice, "Oh hellllll no. Who ordered the crispy chicken?" Well, that person was me. I felt kinda ashamed, like I was gonna get in trouble or something, so I shyly raised my hand. The lady then said, "Honey, it's gonna be at least 10 minutes for the crispy, you sure you don't want grilled?" I probably should have just said sure, but I really wanted the crispy. So uh in my chirpiest voice possible (I didn't want them to get mad at me), I said, "I'll wait."

Definitely should have gone with the grilled, because the hasty made crispy chicken was still partly frozen.

The end.

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  1. Oh sometimes McDonald's workers just aren't the brightest bulbs are they? And don't they just throw everything in a fyer? Why should it take so long?

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