Monday, June 7, 2010

Chumba Confession

One time I asked Teddy (my boyfriend at the time) to our high school's turnabout dance - King of Hearts. I made him this plate and piled on homemade chocolate chip cookies. I remember driving home from giving it to him and being all giddy and blasting Chumbawamba (because it was on the radio and I was feeling it. get off my back.)

Then a possum darted in front of my car and I killed it. On accident.

Whenever I drive down that street or hear the song "Tubthumping" (what a peculiar name) I get the shivers. Bad shivers.


  1. he gave you the plate back? burn.

  2. Noooo he didn't! My mom (oh Colleen) took a picture of it before I gave it to him. I asked him once if he still had it and he said yes. I feel like it would be the perfect item though to smash to pieces after a breakup. (ps can we talk about KOH senior year??? oh babbbbby jeffy boy)