Monday, June 22, 2009

RAY of Sunshine

Today I had a splendid day with Ray (Rachel)! It was filled with fattening food, laughs, ducks, and perspiration. Ahhh yes summmmmmer! We lazily sat at the terrace, chatted and watched a cute little girl (about 3) wearing a dress and bonnet run wild. Her dad was pretty chill (to say the least) and when she almost fell in the lake to pet the ducks all he said was, "don't get your dress wet."  He had a bunch of tattoos and seemed pretty bad a$$.  They were the perfect odd couple. Watching them walk away hand in hand was adorable. Wish I'd taken a picture, but that may have been too creepy.  AND it was attack of the ducks.  This one dog thought he was all tough. He jumped in the lake and started going after them birds. He thought he really had them.  He was hunting down like 3, and then the tables quickly turned. The ducks must have quacked "HELP!" because all of a sudden there was a pack of them and they were chasing the dog. I took a video of it, however I wasn't quite able to capture the full happening.  But, man oh man was it funny! "DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!" (just not in this video)

Der Rathskeller is, in my opinion, one of the coolest places on campus. Their chicken tenders and french fries are always a favorite of mine.  I have discovered that my dipping necessities is a little out of control.  For three tenders and fries I must have the options of BBQ sauce, ketchup, ranch, and honey. And yes, I use all 4.  Girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.  Took the following picture of Rachel sitting in the Der Ratherskeller chomping away at the AMAZING ice cream. I think it was called "Celebration". And believe you me, it WAS a celebration.  It was vanilla ice cream with brownie chunks and some other deliciousness mixed in there. Can YOU spot Rachel? (She's the hot girl in the dark shirt under the arch to the left)

Then we relaxed on Bascom Hill and ate our ice cream and talked about which Sex and the City character we'd like to be.  She picked Samantha; I picked Carrie. But I think Miranda is the funniest and she thinks Samantha is. But we both agree that Charlotte is the prettiest. So we gave love to all four. We were almost run over by a lawnmower.  Also, a bunch of "prepubescent kids" must have been having like a camp day and were playing red rover or something.  All I know is that they almost ran us over too.  KIDS TODAY!!!!  just kidding.  Ray told me I looked really burnt. So I decided to return the cattiness and tell her she looked sweaty.  Unfortunately I was like 3 times sweatier.  We had a good laugh at how disgusting we looked/felt. Sticky bodies + newly mowed lawn = grass sticking to skin!!! This is a picture of the pretty sky that was above us. It was much lighter out, so I don't know why this picture looks slightly ominous.  Oh well.  I like it anyway.  

And then we headed out of the sun and lounged on her couch and watched two episodes of Sex and the City.  "These stairs are dangerous!" - Carrie after finding out Big is engaged. OH, And I am in love with Rachel's new roooooom so I had to snap a picture.  The paint on the walls is my favorite color; Robin's Egg Blue. And the wall of windows with wood framing is so pretty. ME WANT!

And here's me and Ray at the beginning of freshman year (Sept 2007).  This picture makes me smile. 

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