Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Romantic, and the Good, and the Bad

T'was a cold Autumn evening back in 2007 when I first discovered Laura Marling. And her lyrics and voice melted my heart. I have been enthralled with her ever since.  I believe this was her first national television appearance.  I believe that, along with it being a touching song, is why she appears so timid and never looks up into the camera. And spice girls t-shirt? Hell yeah! She has such a pretty/delicate face, and I love her bright blonde hair. Ladies and gentleman, I give you "New Romantic" by Laura Marling...

The past few days I have had some good and some bad. Mainly good. 
Da Goot and da Bad...
(+)   Andrew and I made ravioli
(-)    I spilled red sauce on my teal dress
(+)   Tide to Go saved the day
(+)   Snuggled with Mallory and talked about smelly boys
(-)    The storm knocked all the petals off my Geranium
(+)   Broke off those stems and new buds are coming in
(-)    Got lost on the way to see UP
(+)   Made it on time to see the movie
(-)    Missed the previews :(
(+)   Stopped at McDonald's on the way home for dinner
(-)    Managed to spill coffee grains, milk, and laundry detergent all within 20 minutes
(+)  Back massage
(-)   Got a call saying my movies were overdue
(+)  Peddled my bike over to Blockbuster like a madwoman and thus had no late fees
(+)   Had this for breakfast yesterday... Kiwi, toast with strawberry jam, and french vanilla coffee 
(+)  Picked out a Father's Day card I really really like
(-)   Sent it too late so my dad didn't get it on Father's Day :(
(+)  Starting to reread Harry Potter!!!!
(+)  Mallory came up with a super cool theme for Andrew's birthday partaaaaay...  The Periodic Table!!!
(-)  Can't decide what element to go as.  Leaning toward Neon


  1. wow kiwi toast! never had it! and must try it tomorrow!!!! <3 always looking for new exciting breakfast ideas

    OH NO! red sauce! teal dress! you sound like me... i am always spilling and messing

  2. that breakfast and rereading harry potter sound AMAZING!

    thanks so much for the recommendation... we will definitely try out Pizzeria Due.

  3. looks like the goods is better then the bad...can't ask for much more!