Friday, June 5, 2009

Bike Rides and Past Summer Photos

Yesterday I rode my bike around the west side of Madison and it was BEE-A-U-TI-FUL!!! Those houses there are all really unique and quaint looking; gardens overflowing with colorful flowers (I spotted some sunflowers, irises, hydrangeas, daisies); kids playing running bases; a little kid selling lemonade; a mom reading on her front porch and eating strawberries.  It made me miss home a little bit. I think I shall go on bike rides over there more often. Oh and there's a Trader Joe's right over there and I got some delicious dunkers (oatmeal cranberry with white fudge drizzle). 

Also two days ago during my 5 minute break from my 3 hour class, I went to the fountain to fill up my water bottle.  And you know what??? That water was some of the most disappointing water I've ever had.  1) it was warm 2) it tasted like dentist water. And if there is one thing I really dislike in this world, it's dentist water. I've used this term before and most people don't know what I'm talking about. Does anybody know what I mean by dentist water??? It's got like a fake, foggy, plastic taste to it.  Maybe it's just my dentist's place. So even though the water was lackluster, I drank it anyway because I am suppose to be drinking a gallon of water a day to keep the kidney stones away. Man, that is a challenge.  Anywho... right now I'm at the terrace, and this is the beauty that I see... 
And now here are just some summer pictures of the past that make me happy!

Me and Kev in Florida circa 1992

Me (in that outrageous hat) and cousins on the Fourth of July also circa 1992

The kids with dad at Oak Hills Country Club (Me = happy, Matt = goofy, Kev = pissed off)

Kelly, me, and Julie at Bridget's wedding. I heart that Anthropologie dress

Me and Q getting ice cream last summer. She so pretty!

Me and Mal last summer walking by Lake Mendota

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