Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like Children

1. A French song and music video that makes me wish I was young again. Wait a minute... i AM young. Well, I need to have a day like this sometime soon.

2. Raspberries are GREAT!!!
3. AND so is this swimsuit. But, the model's attitude has got to go.
I really like this photographer's (Corrie Bond) photography.

4. I love Norm Macdonald. And David Letterman. Them together = LAUGHING OUT LOUD!


  1. raspberries! yayee! also? the list below? i need to re-read all the harry ps as well!

  2. Loved that song! <3 what's the artists name? French is so summery and lovely.

  3. HP... sooo many pages so little time!!!

    And that song makes me smile. The artist is Coeur de Pirate and the lead singer's name is Beatrice Martin and I believe she's Canadian. The song is titled "Comme des Enfants" which in English I think means "Like Children". I don't speak French, but I am sure whatever she is saying is quite beautiful!